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Build Capacity, Empower Stewardship and

Foster Pride in Latin America

Fundación OLAS is a non-for-profit organization whose focus is to build capacity, empower stewardship and foster pride in the Underwater Cultural Heritage community in Latin America.  Fundación OLAS supports training and knowledge-exchange opportunities for archaeology practitioners and stakeholders through a shared commitment to international cooperation and world heritage.


Underwater Cultural Heritage  

Fundación OLAS was created to address important issues related to protecting and preserving cultural patrimony in the Americas by bringing expertise and guidance in imaging and communications.  Our goal is to build networks of well trained professionals and begin a process of collaborative initiatives that will enhance our capability to document, protect and disseminate information regarding the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Latin America.


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Success at Punta del Este, Uruguay

Recent NAS-OLAS workshop in Underwater Archaeology and Photogrammetry was a great success.  We forged new friends and colleagues who look forward to working together with Fundacion OLAS.


Exito en Punta del Este Uruguay

El Taller NAS-OLAS en Arqueologia Subacuatica y Fotogrametria fue un grant exito.  Creamos nuevos amigos y colegas que miran hacia futuras oportinidades de colaboracion con OLAS.

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Specialized Workshops

The Nautical Archaeological Society's internationally recognized education program has certified the following courses designed by Fundación OLAS.  These N.A.S. certified technical courses are tailored-made to specific regions, professional groups, and particular initiatives that bring together students, scholars, leaders and professionals from government and the private sector.  

Underwater Survey

This course is certified as part of NAS' Education Program and is designed for entry level divers, archaeologists and other personal involved in the inventory, assessment and recording of the submerged cultural patrimony.  The course is given in conjunction with N.A.S. entry level courses.  Both theoretical and practical field instruction are part of this introductory program. 

3D Visualization

This course offers techniques and methods in acquiring images of submerged features, artifacts and sites to be later transformed into 3D models.  Emphasis is placed on lighting, mosaicking, and image processing to achieve point-cloud rendering and textured meshes.  (NAS Specialty Course)

The Art of Communicating Science

This course is intended to bring the students to a higher level of using creativity and visual tools to communicate the importance of the maritime, nautical and submerged cultural patrimony to specialized, academic, government and private sector audiences. (NAS Specialty Course)

Underwater Photogrammetry

This course focuses on the use of digital imaging tools to capture, document and ultimately present submerged cultural heritage. Techniques for acquiring imagery as well as the use of software to process and create photogrametric images are demonstrated as well as practiced in field settings. (NAS 3 technical course)

Autonomous Vehicle

Coastal Impact Survey

This course focuses on the use of aerial photographic documentation to create digital models which can be used in making assessments of coastal impact and management. Kite, drone and low cost aerial photography tools are used to achieve the best possible results. (NAS Specialty Course)


"Fundación OLAS will design  

courses to bespoke requirements.

Please contact us with your particular