Alejo Cordero

Alejo is the Assistant Director of Maritime and Fluvial Heritage Area at Uruguayan National Heritage Commission - Ministry of Education and Culture. It has an IX Degree in Anthropological Series of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and studied archaeology at the National University of Uruguay UDELAR. Has been part of the Archaeological Office Staff since 1994.

Alejo Cordero is an active member of the International Council of Monuments and Sites and consultant at UNESCO’s Office of Science for Latin America and the Caribbean. Formed as Curator I in Waterlogged Artifacts at Clemson University WLCC Restoration Institute USA; has represented Uruguay in high profile Maritime and Underwater Archaeological international projects.



Imaging Ancient Mural at Huaca Luna, Peru

Fabio Esteban Amador

Fabio Esteban is an archaeologist, precision imagery and audio/video media specialist with over 20 years of field experience.  He has directed the department of archaeology for the country of El Salvador and a full time professor in archaeology and anthropology at the national university of El Salvador.   

Fabio Esteban has been providing support in aerial, terrestrial and underwater imaging to multiple projects around the world.  He has also produced short documentaries focusing on conducting exploratory field research and has published articles in popular and academic journals.   Lately he has focused on imaging shipwrecks, coastal archaeological sites and submerged cave sites in the Americas and Asia.  

Dominique imaging cave shrines in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Dominique Rissolo

Dominique  is the special projects coordinator for the center of interdisciplinary science for art, architecture and archaeology (CISA3) and its cultural heritage engineering initiative at the university of california , San Diego.  Prior to coming to UCSD, Dominique oversaw the acousition and management of a deep submergence capability for the waitt institute, in partnership with woods hole oceanographic institution, an worked closely with agencies and universities to plan and execute oceanographic and marine archeaological survey and research projects using AUV, HDV, ROV, r/v platforms.

Dominique directs  the Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Grants Program on behalf of the Waitt Foundation. As an archaeologist, Dominique’s interdisciplinary research focuses on paleocoastal human ecology and the development of ancient maritime trade networks along the Yucatan coast. His work on the Yucatan Peninsula also focuses on ancient Maya and Paleoamerican cave and cenote use as well as coastal and near-coastal settlement patterns and the rise of social complexity in the region. Dominique is an adjunct professor at San Diego State University (Department of Anthropology) and McMaster University (School of Geography and Earth Sciences). Dominique also serves on the NOAA Ocean Exploration Advisory Board.