Fundacion OLAS Activities in 2017

Announcing first olas workshop of 2017 to be held in PUnta del Este Uruguay, April 17th. through 20th, 2017.  This workshop will focus on NAutical archaeology society training courses, NAS 1 and 2.  It will also feature a new NAS course 3 on underwater fotogrammetry.  We hope that this year will be our biggest start to our foundation thanks to all the people and institutions that are supporting our effort.  

The workshop was held at Hotel del Lago in Maldonado, Uruguay.  We were very fortunate that our participants came from different experiences including archaeologists, navy divers, geologists, museum curators, professional divers, lawyers, historians, and one extremely motivated high school student.  In total, we had 15 students participating during the training and we are pleased with the results of the course.   We were very fortunate to have such a dynamic group and we have increased our NAS-OLAS community in South America!


NAS 1 and 2 in Off-shore Archaeology and a

Specialized Workshop in Underwater Photogrammetry

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Fundacion OLAS is committed in creating capacity in Latin America and around the world to study, protect, preserve and communicate the important of our submerged cultural patrimony.  Our workshops are a first step in creating presence and motivating people from all walks of life to participate in the documentation of this cultural treasure as they expand their pasion and contribute to our knowledge of the submerged cultural heritage.  This workshop was made possible due to a kind donation from the Donald and Cara Taylor Family Trust, with out their support we would not have been able to reach our purpose.  Thank you Cara!

Our Sponsors for this Event

Fundacion OLAS Activities in 2014

The Perspectives in the Management of the Underwater Patrimony in Peru workshop was the first meeting that brought together specialists from different fields such as history, archaoelogy, management, conservation, academics and other private and governmental specialists under one roof to discuss the importance in the study, protection and management of the submerged cultural heritage in Latin America. This event was organized in collaboration with CPAMS, Fundacion OLAS, and the Ministry of Culture of Peru.  

Managementof the Underwater

Cultural Heritage in Peru

August 2014

Event Organizers: Fundacion OLAS, CPAMS, Ministry of Culture of Peru



Dr. Carlos Ausejo - CPAMS President

 Dr. Fabio Esteban Amador - Fundacion olas president

 Dr. Roberto Junto - Fundacon OLAS Secretary

 Dr. Jorge Ortiz sotelo - maritime historian

Mr. Chris underwood - Maritime Professional NAS

Ms. Rocio Villar - maritime archaeologist